Storm Bay

I would like to share an image that is currently my favourite. On my last trip down to Tasmania ( I go down there every year…for the fantastic photography and light of course! ) we drove down along the southern part of Storm Bay and believe it or not a storm was in fact brewing when we arrived, and menacing to Thunder down at any moment. Suddenly a small patch of light appeared and I fervently hoped it would move just enough to hit the lone tree on the far side of the bay. I rushed to put up my tripod and set up ready to take the shot in case it happened. Unconcerned about the incoming tide ( what’s a little seawater when light is this good! ) I waited and waited and then my patience was rewarded as it hit the spot for the briefest of seconds…. But, one moment in time I will never forget.

Point Roadnight Reflections

Last weekend we took a drive along the Great Ocean Road to capture some beautiful images. these included some walks into the Creeks and River gorges to view the waterfalls and taking time out to watch the dusk colour the skies over the Ocean. this part of Victoria always rewards you with some lovely images.