Lightscape. New release Hardcover book by Ian Rolfe

I am very excited to announce the release of my book….Lightscape.

It has over ninety photographs superbly reproduced and coated with a special laquer.
Complete with chapters on my favourite lighting conditions and descriptions of all the images.
Comes with a Dust cover for added protection.
email me through my website to obtain your copy. cheques and credit cards accepted.
Only $49.99
I would be happy to sign your copy and mail it out to you.

Monument Valley

An amazing place with great spiritual significance to the Indian tribes who make there home here. It was wonderful to carefully drive through the canyon floor and be able to stop and take in the magnificent vistas.

Oak Creek Canyon

Not far from the Centre of Sedona is a magnificent park called Oak Creek Canyon. I had always wanted to photograph here since seeing an image Captured by Galen Rowell when he happened to capture the Creek in flood after a Storm. this place is a photographer’s dream and it often photographed in the Autumn when all the Aspens are in Fall Colour. I had the place to myself, as it was the middle of winter. Late afternoon light swept across Court house Rock and made the perfect back-drop. There was enough water in Oak creek to get the desired reflections and the light just got better and better as I worked my way up the Canyon.


Situated just south of Flagstaff in Arizona, Sedona in one of the United State’s top locations. Red Rock country, breathtaking in its beauty with sheer Canyon walls completely surrounding the Town.

Canyon De Chelly

One of the places I had long wanted to see in this area of the USA was Canyon De Chelly. Located in the Arizona Desert not far from the New Mexico Border, it is still home to the Navajo people. they farm this Canyon today just as their ancestors did 1200 years ago. Horse Ranching, some crops and cherry orchards make up the farming community. I was stunned to see three Indian guys go down a rope ladder into the canyon to work. They said it was quicker this way than going around and into the front part of the Canyon. A massacre happened here in the 19th century…US cavalry shot and killed all the women and Children after they had cornered them in the back of the Canyon. At 1200 feet deep the Canyon is a wonder to see and is on the US National monument list.

Canyon De Chelly

Minus eight C the morning but I decided to get the first light over the Canyon anyway. I stood transfixed not just with the cold but in wonder as the moon started to set over the Arizona Desert. It had been a clear starry night so it was very very cold! All worth the effort though… to see and experience the winter in this part of the world.