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Professional Photographer Ian Rolfe specializes in landscape, seascape and fine art imagery. His love of light and his passionate approach to what light does to the landscape are evident in his photographs.

For over 45 years now, Ian has honed and developed his unique approach to the Landscape and continues to be a devotee to the amazing beauty that’s found in the great outdoors. With Ian, Light is everything.

Ian has travelled extensively in Australia, South East Asia, the Himalaya’s, United Kingdom, the Arctic Regions, Scandinavia, North America, New Zealand and much of the Pacific region, where he has built up an extensive photo library used in travel brochure work, photo stock libraries and his on-going photographic writing.

Over the years, Ian has become quite a well-known travel and landscape photographer whose column started to appear in the Photo-master magazine about seventeen years ago. Since then, he has written and published over 150 articles, 3 books, and through International stock libraries, such as Getty, his images have been used in countless books, photography magazines, travel brochures and many commercial websites. Ian’s photography, has been purchased by the National Library of Australia, The British Museum, The BBC, The National Park service, The ABC, SBS, Qantas, Australia Post, French Geographic, Microsoft, Dulux, Fairfax media, The Victorian Government, Lonely Planet, Time magazine, The Flight Centre, National Parks of NSW and many other fine media outlets and institutions worldwide. He also conducts up to 9 Photographic Landscape workshops each year, both locally and to overseas destinations and also gives lectures and presentations at Club level throughout Victoria to help members who are passionate about developing further in their photographic knowledge and skills.

Ian’s Photographs have won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, Best of Show, Merits and High commendations and received over 3500 acceptances at Photographic Exhibitions both here in Australia and at International Level. Ian is an associate member of the AIPP, a Grand Master of the Australian Photographic Society, has been awarded the distinction “Artiste” from the International Society of Photographic art, and has also been awarded a medal for special services to the Victorian Association of Photographic societies. Ian serves on the committee of the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies and he is also a founding member of the Australian Photographic Judges Association.

A devotee to the amazing beauty to be found in the great outdoors, Ian still finds time to quietly pursue the “light” in the landscape on a personal level.



11 comments on “ABOUT IAN

  1. Gwendoline Krumins says:

    Hi Ian, met your son tonight at a work dinner and he was telling me about your photography, so here I am checking it out and it looks fabulous. Will share with my son and brother who are also into photography. Thanks, Gwen Krumins

  2. kiwiskan says:

    Ian – your photography is fabulous. I was looking for images for the canola fields in South Australia, and found one of yours with an old abandoned house. After that I couldn’t resist looking at some others. Brilliant

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      left a reply on your blog too


  3. Kim George says:

    Hello Ian, Your photography is brilliant – and I’m writing to ask if you would allow us to use some of your photos of King Island on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/SaveKingIsland
    You may have heard that JBS have closed the abattoirs and refuse to sell it to the islanders (and they have no choice but to keep selling to JBS’ other abattoir as it is the only place the ships can take the cattle to for the moment). The loss of 100 jobs from a total population fo less than 1500 is enormous. This facebook page is trying to raise awareness and support for King Island to rebuild itself. We have just hit 3000 supporters and I’m hoping to grow that to 10000 by Christmas. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated by the King Island community who have really been kicked by this callous treatment by JBS. Kind regards, Kim George

  4. Lize says:

    Hello, I would love to get a full itinerary on the New Zealand South Island Photographic Tour in April 23rd – May 4th 2014. I tried to mail you but it didn’t work out.

    Kind regards

  5. Ian,
    Please contact me regarding licensing some of your images / photographs.
    thank you!

  6. Gemma Hine Smith says:

    Hi Ian, I’d like to use a couple of your images that I’ve found online for a proposal I’m putting together. Can you please contact me? Thanks, Gemma

  7. Andreas Kuhn says:

    Hello Ian, we are planning a trip to Scotland (www.kultour.ch) and we are looking for good pictures. I found your really great pics. Now my question: What does it cost to use it for the leaflet and website?

  8. Pamela Ledgerwood says:

    I absolutely love your photograph of “View to Kimmeridge”, Dorset on June 12, 2013
    Do you have posters for sale of that photograph? Please let me know.
    Pamela Ledgerwood

    • Hello Pamela,
      thank you for your lovely comments…Appreciated very much.
      I used to sell heaps of my work as large prints, don’t really bother anymore as I sell consistently every day around the world through photo libraries. However, if you would really like this as a print may I suggest you purchase directly from me a very high res file so you can get it printed yourself locally in England. AUD $50.00 for that file for your use only. I am in Dorset visiting my daughter for a few days, dropping in about the 16th February before I head up to Lapland to run a workshop… you could get the file me personally then….or I can send the file via dropbox. best regards Ian Rolfe

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