For a full and comprehensive list of Ian’s photographic workshops, just go to his website. There in the menu bar, you will find a drop down list and a downloadable PDF for most of his upcoming workshops. Just go to     




5 comments on “WORKSHOPS

  1. hello Ian,
    please contact me about licensing your photographs.
    Thank you!

  2. Merilyn Stephan says:

    Awesome Ian how long was your workshop?

    • Hi Merilyn
      thanks for your comment
      14 days in Arctic Norway… we have run this 3 times now and its awesome!! We are running another one to this area in February 2020. Join us!

  3. Lyndall Delmarco says:

    Ian please let me know there details of your next Norfolk Island photog workshop. Margaret Harris and myself Lyndall Delmarco. Would be keen to book in. Thank you

    • thankyou Lyndall… appreciate your comment. I am running one there late August through early Sept 2021 dates are 28th Aug – Sept 7th. I will pencil in you and Marg Harris and when my new PDF is released with updated prices I will contact you through the email you have posted here. It is filling up fast as I had a few re-book from this year as it was Covid cancelled!

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