Photographic Workshop to Iceland February 5th – 17th 2016

The winter wonderland that is Iceland when it wants to be… is a place of superlatives. Now winter can be almost lethal for landscape photographers in a place like Iceland, but if you pick the exact dates and time it right…which is towards the end of the winter season but cold enough for good snow, then it really is magical. Ewen and Bell and myself have now run two very successful workshops here and we have been lucky enough to request and obtain the services of a wonderful guide and all round great guy. Dui Landmark is a professional video photographer and producer in his own right, but he also loves to guide specialized groups too. The first photo attached below is Dui running off the beach during wild weather, camera in hand. The light stayed with us most days and we had snowfalls at night and a couple of storms thrown in for interest. Jokulsarlon beach had icebergs but smaller than we have had in the past. the lagoon had less ice too which was simply wonderful for the star-trails and the Borealis. A highlight for this workshop was the chance to take our group up to an ice-cave is an isolated place on the edge of the Vatnajokull Glacier. The group photo is at the end of this post. Ewen and I plan to visit Iceland again soon for the winter wonderland of the Icelandic scenery.