Cockatoo-Island Sydney Harbour August 2012

Up in Sydney visiting my son a week or so back, and apart from spending hours sailing around the Harbour in glorious weather with him and his girlfriend we decided to spend a few hours on Cockatoo Island. For those that can remember, this Island has been off limits for over 100 years, as it was used for a naval shipyard among other things. Many of Australia’s wartime and merchant shipping was built here and the old machinery, cranes and slipways are fascinating material for photographers. I loved the way the sunstars worked on the cranes and other icons and decided to show some of the monochrome results from that visit. I have uploaded just a few of the many I took of this fascinating place.


I have not been down to King Island in the middle of Winter before and thought its would present some different and interesting challenges for Landscape Photography. It certainly did that! I have the opportunity to photograph some incredibly wild weather on a couple of different days and took advantage of it. With the roaring forties whistling through the Island which is so famous for battering the coastline and the high waves as well, I did manage to grab some lovely images between squalls! Needless to say I got wet a couple of times…. this weather was wonderful too for the Kelp harvesters who were out in force gathering the seaweed and loading their trucks. I also searched out old houses in various states of decay both inside and out, abandoned machinery and even the odd coastline or two for a particular reason….Looking for photographs full of contrast so they would lend themselves to being converted  to various shades of Monochrome. I now firmly believe this Island is an amazing destination in any season and would not hesitate to recommend it even in the middle of Winter!