Aurora Borealis – Norway Arctic Circle Photographic Workshop February 2018

This year on our annual sojourn into the Arctic regions of the world, we headed once again for Norway. Our group were treated to one of the best and most spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis I have ever witnessed. The weather played a major role in this: we were so fortunate to be up in this Arctic region during a period on intense calm and sunshine and clear skies both during the day and through the nights. Other parts of  Europe were not so fortunate, as the winds and weather originating in Siberia brought snow and icy conditions to many areas. Often the Aurora would not display its intensity until well after midnight, and at other times it started just after the winter sunset. Night after night it danced across the skies in a display of absolute magical magnificence…needless to say some nights we didn’t crawl under the Doona until the light show was finished!  I will post a full report on the 2018 Norwegian Arctic workshop on this blog very soon!