South East Queensland – Gold Coast – Hinterland August 08th to 17th 2016

A short trip and a rest and  to visit our son Adrian on the Gold coast. A time for relaxation and chilling out, but still with camera in hand I managed to shoot some lovely pics. Adrian had organized a fantastic afternoon of whale watching out from Brunswick heads on the Northern New South Wales coast. Blue Bay dive and Whale watching adventures is to be commended for their amazing trip. Adrian uses the company for his diving trips and the use of the smaller boat means an intimate encounter with these phenomenal gentle giants of the sea. We encountered several young male Humpbacks and their antics were a delight, near us and at times under the boat!  We stayed out to right on sunset! What an experience… I also had a wonderful afternoon with Petra Hennig, a lovely lady who lives on the Gold coast and does diving at times with Adrian. Petra is a photographer with passion and a delightful eye for composition, so we headed up to the hinterland to shoot the Killarney Glen and waterfall. Thanks! Petra for showing me this delightful place. So, most days we walked the beaches, ate gorgeous food and sipped lattes and just watched the world go by!









Narooma, Bermagui and the southern coastline of New South Wales July 2016

It was time for a coastal getaway with my wife Ann and some personal photography, so late last month in July saw us heading up to Narooma, Bermagui and the coastlines and National Parks in that area. Winter is quiet and peaceful, days spent driving around and having seafood based lunches, afternoon oysters and Champagne and heading out at dawn and Dusk for some great photography. Here on this post are a few of the many lovely images I was able to capture during our time spent up  this along beautiful and pristine area of New South Wales.