Antarctic Peninsular November – December 2019

An amazing odyssey left me spellbound on a recent 16 day cruise to the Antarctic Peninsular! The weather was mostly fine and not too cold and remarkably, we could land on zodiacs twice a day at wild and remote locations and spend hours observing the awesome wildlife and raw nature. An experience that has left me marvelling at our beautiful planet once again! Please enjoy the few images I have had the chance to edit so far. Photographs are actually a poor substitute for the visual wonderment of being there!

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: November 2019

Had the privilege of experiencing first hand the remarkable group of Island known as South Georgia last month for three days! A fair amount of clear weather and following seas meant we could make smooth landings in zodiac’s without too much swell. This is an exceptionally remote, wild and ruggedly beautiful part of our earth… and a place to experience nature first hand. In fact, you literally feel that you are participating in a wild nature documentary, not just as an observer, but actually being right in there! These images are just a fraction of what I shot and I hope this post can partly convey just a tiny amount of the wonderment of being there. Places visited and landings made include, Saisbury Plains, Gold Harbour, Right Whale Bay, St. Andrews Bay, Grytviken, Stromness and the awesome Drygalsky Fjord with the three glaciers.