United Arab Emirates – October 13th -19th 2011

On our return journey from England and Scotland we spent a few days in Abu Dhabi a city south of Dubai in the UAE. We stayed with one of our cousins and his family who work here and were able to go out and see some of the sights. Hot and dusty are the first words that spring to mind, and its very hard to photograph landscapes as there are virtually none! However there are some interesting subjects to photograph which include the Royal Palace Hotel with its four tonnes of gold leaf! The third largest mosque in the world which houses the largest Persian rug in the world… The endless sand dunes at dusk,
the tall buildings and the harbour. The new hotel which has the formula one race track running through it
is an amazing sight at night, as the roof is made entirely of plasma screens which light up and change colour. Its hard to do much here in the day as the temperature stays well above 40 degrees, so not a great place to be outside for long periods with a camera!