The recent Photographic Workshop to King Island was blessed with 3 days of amazing weather! This is the time for Flowers and the burst of spring that can be seen blooming all over the Island. West Coast had squalls and wind on the Friday, our first day of the workshop, but this only added to the drama of the beautiful coastline. Everyone had a great time and many wonderful images were taken by the group.

Norfolk Island Photographic Tour October 2012

A wonderful eight days of Photography set against scenic delights was experienced by a vibrant and eager group of participants on Norfolk Island. We had in the main….. really good weather, with a day or two overcast for moody shots! Otherwise fine and sunny with lots of very interesting cloud formations to help our compositions. A sunset or two and some amazing light shows of crepuscular rays in the early morning just capped a great week on the Island. The local paper got in the act and provided some news coverage of our week there, so no-one on the Island was surprised when we turned up at various locations….including the local tip! The Island has outstanding scenic beauty and even after numerous trips here I am still finding new things to Photograph!