The Winter is special in this part of the world and I was constantly awe-struck by the snow and ice and what it added as a new dimension to landscape photography. The images in this post are of overlooks along the Colorado River near Moab and the Southern areas of Utah and just across the Border in Colorado itself, near Cortez.

Southern Utah

We drove across southern Utah in what was basically a white-out. Not Bad by American Standards, as up North they were having real blizzards. I photographed these amazing snow scenes as it is so different to Australia and although it was cold it was amazing to get out of the car at designated rest stops and look for subject material. I shot these images wherever I found a scenic area and worked the scene often waiting a few moments for a touch of the sun’s rays to light up the landscape.

Zion National Park Utah

Zion National Park, situated not far from the Nevada Border, has so many visitors in the Summer season, that shuttle Buses are run by the Parks Service to Cater for the huge number of visitor’s. So Winter is quiet by comparison and a wonderful time for a Landscape Photographer. You can pull into all the turn-outs and quietly set up your tripod and camera. The Colours are muted and the snow adds a little drama to this unbelievable place. Towering Cliffs and Rock formations seem to grow out of the Canyon, while the Virgin River quietly flows through. I tried some night photography here as it was a full moon, icy cold but well worth the effort. Zion is at 3500 feet above sea level so the snow was not too thick. The “Patriachs” ( A group of three towering Monoliths) which are located just inside the Park entrance rise to nearly 8000 feet! A very impressive sight indeed. One of the Photo’s shows the road winding its way out of the Canyon and at this lookout there is a commanding view back into Part of the Canyon.

Zion National Park Utah

I have been very re-miss in keeping my blog up to date. Its not that I have had nothing to record and show, quite the contrary, but rather its been my Gallery and Framing business in Cheltenham that has taken all of my attention recently, and left my with little time to catch up on other interests. We decided to have a well earned rest over the Christmas period and spend nearly three weeks in the American South West. What an incredible time to be there. Heavy snow had fallen right across the USA including the areas we wanted to visit. We travelled through what’s called the grand circle taking in most of the Colorado’s High Plateau, which extends through the Southern part of Utah, into Colorado itself and parts of Arizona. A magnificent area of Colours, Canyons, Deserts and Mountains. A mecca for Landscape Photographers! I will endeavour to display each section of the journey with some photographs. This could take a while!

I hope you enjoy the visual journey…