Zion National Park Utah

Zion National Park, situated not far from the Nevada Border, has so many visitors in the Summer season, that shuttle Buses are run by the Parks Service to Cater for the huge number of visitor’s. So Winter is quiet by comparison and a wonderful time for a Landscape Photographer. You can pull into all the turn-outs and quietly set up your tripod and camera. The Colours are muted and the snow adds a little drama to this unbelievable place. Towering Cliffs and Rock formations seem to grow out of the Canyon, while the Virgin River quietly flows through. I tried some night photography here as it was a full moon, icy cold but well worth the effort. Zion is at 3500 feet above sea level so the snow was not too thick. The “Patriachs” ( A group of three towering Monoliths) which are located just inside the Park entrance rise to nearly 8000 feet! A very impressive sight indeed. One of the Photo’s shows the road winding its way out of the Canyon and at this lookout there is a commanding view back into Part of the Canyon.

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