Western-port Bay Tooradin Victoria December 18th 2013

Derelict Freighter Ship    The images from my last post have created a huge amount of interest, so I thought I would upload a few more photographs that I took of the abandoned old freighter ship lying in the mangroves at Tooradin airport. Please note that for most people you will not be able to photograph this site as the ship lies in a mangrove swamp hard to access. Apart from the Tiger snakes that frequent the area and the sticky mud everywhere, you need to cart a large step-ladder with you to gain access to the top of the ship.  There are also legal restrictions on access to the site. You have to cross a commercial airfield and it comes under federal air regulations, plus this airfield is also privately owned and insurance implications and H&S are also something to be considered. Seeking permission is therefore hard. I had the opportunity to photograph only because I pre-arranged it through my friend Gordon, who is the chief Pilot based here. Gordon flies all participants in my Flinders Island workshops each year and I use him on other occasions as well. It was a great shoot and I have many good photographs from almost every angle.











3 comments on “Western-port Bay Tooradin Victoria December 18th 2013

  1. a1meehall says:

    Wow, your photos are amazing! Even though the ship is old and rusted, there’s still something enchanting and beautiful about it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ann Copelin says:

    Ahoy Ian,
    Absolutely amazing photography..
    I have the sea in my blood from Nautical heritage, so anything like this is very special… and I just love Black & White Photography..
    Thanks so much for sharing these treasured memories.. if only those steel walls could talk..

    Ann Copelin.

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