The Limestone Coast and Fleurieu Peninsular of South Australia

A stay at the Town of Victor Harbour saw me out at dusk because there was a full moon. The Maria creek runs into the sea here and I was able to find a spot where the moonlight had brightened up the water. ………A Panorama of the unbelievable aqua waters in the coastal area at Robe, a lovely spot on the Limestone Coast…….The region around Lake Albert between the Town of Meningie and the River Murray is open grassland with salt-pans. the area is of course famous for its Pink Lakes. These will always dry out in the summer months and if there has not been sufficient rain through the winter you will not find the lakes with water at this time of year anyway. What makes them so special is the amazing Pink colour which is real! The algae in the water produce carotene, a substance found in things like carrots, which actually protect them from the sun’s rays. As the lake dries out it leaves salt and the algae die. Pink Flamingo’s get their colour from the same algae. These lakes are a sight to behold, especially on a sunny day.

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