One on One Personal Workshop and Mentoring November 2020

I have recently been mentoring a very dedicated and talented person who wants to learn so much photographically about the Landscape and also Travel and building up to not only running workshops for himself, but having a successful photographic business altogether. Jose Gomez has almost completed a tertiary level photographic studies at RMIT and asked if I would mentor him as part of his studies. A requirement set out by the studies board and one I feel is really essential. Our final mentoring was a full day of practical instruction and shooting outdoors.
We set the day, a Sunday (yesterday) and the forecast was one I got excited about! Dramatic skies and wondrous clouds, heralding the approach of a significant change and storms. We headed out early and worked the coastline of Western-port bay and Bass Strait. Here on this post, are just a few of the images I shot while working with Jose on compositions and light.

Arctic Norway Photographic Workshop Adventure February – March 2020

Having recently returned from our Arctic Norway Photographic workshop adventure, and having to self-Isolate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have had ample time to sort through all my images and start processing them. This, along with so many other folders of images from recent trips, is really has become an ideal time to both cull, and sort properly, the vast collection of my photography. It will still be a very long slow process and the selection of uploaded images here is still a very small collection of what I shot during the workshop, so I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Our group on the adventure together were a wonderful bunch of people, and it was just so lovely having them with us to share these amazing sights together. Thank-you so much to every one of you, and Ewen Shellie and myself absolutely loved every minute!

If you would like to join us in a future Workshop to this totally amazing part of the world, please go online to download a PDF which will give you all the information you would need:

  Norway Photographic Workshop

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Ian-Senja-Norway-Feb-2020-001Mefjordbotn-Aurora-03042020-Senja-Island-NOR-452 copySkogsfjordvatnet-Aurora-2020-Feb-Tromso-NOR-001 copyMefjordbotn-Aurora-03042020-Senja-Island-NOR-486 copy

Dorset, England in the Wet and Stormy Winter – February 2020

Arrived in England between storms! Ciara had just finished and Dennis was about to start. I was visiting my daughter and grandchildren for a few days before heading to Arctic Norway for our 2020 Photographic workshop. Needless to say, the rain and wind were very very persistent and in the extremely brief periods of calm and dryness, we got to go out and see the landscape and coastline. England can be beautiful in any weather and Dorset turned on a certain charm that only a photographer could love… Here a few images I shot while walking with my family and trying to enjoy the school holidays with them. I have never seen the rivers flood like they did to this extent before, on any of my frequent visits to England.

Late Summer Foray Through the Otway Ranges – Victoria February 2020

Early summer in South Eastern Australia brought soaring temperatures and devastating bush-fires. Welcome rain arrived in Mid January to some parts of our state, especially in the West and coastal areas, and then we had more rain through to the end of last week. The Otway ranges are special, and with the summer rains it is a magical time to visit, with cool days and misty nights. Many sections of this large National Park are awesome and some places have not seen bush-fires for over one thousand years!! We had over a week here and I re-visited some of my favourite spots and discovered some new ones. I have posted here a few of the images that I shot, so please enjoy.

Photographic Workshop Adventure into Bhutan…December 2019

I am not long back from a totally awesome adventure in the Eastern Himalayas! Bhutan is an amazing and delightful destination and seems to be more beautiful and alluring each time you re-visit. Ewen Bell ( and myself led a wonderful group of participants from the West side of the mountainous country to the East side and included partaking in and observing the most delightful rural festivals that you could possibly imagine. The images here are just a fraction of what we shot and our group were never short of photographic locations and subject material. I feel that they will be editing for months!

Join us this year!  Consider booking now as Ewen and I have another awesome adventure waiting for those lucky few who will travel with us in late November!

Dates for the 2020 Bhutan workshop are: November 21st to December 6th

New PDF for 2020: download it now to see what’s included:

Antarctic Peninsular November – December 2019

An amazing odyssey left me spellbound on a recent 16 day cruise to the Antarctic Peninsular! The weather was mostly fine and not too cold and remarkably, we could land on zodiacs twice a day at wild and remote locations and spend hours observing the awesome wildlife and raw nature. An experience that has left me marvelling at our beautiful planet once again! Please enjoy the few images I have had the chance to edit so far. Photographs are actually a poor substitute for the visual wonderment of being there!