Upper Antelope Canyon Arizona

One of the locations in the Colorado Plateau that I had been really wanting to see and photograph for many years were the famous slot Canyons near the Town of Page in Arizona. I had booked a tour in Australia on the internet before coming and we had chosen the Upper Antelope Canyon for preference. Its narrower and not so high and usually less crowded with tourists. You can only go into these slot Canyons with a Navajo guide as they are on Indian tribal land. The Canyon proved amazing. Over 1.4 kms long and often less than a metre wide in places, it is truly a remarkable experience. The light is stronger at the height of Summer at midday but I found that the winter light was perfect to photograph the muted colours and textures on the walls of the Canyon. Tripods are essential and our guide was fantastic as he allowed over an hour to walk through and back giving us plenty of time to expose many images. I was the last to come out of course and he joked that they were organizing a search party to come in and find me.

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