King Island Workshop September 2010

Wild Weather from the South West, squalls and surging Oceans all added to the drama of the three day workshop. As usual our host Ian Johnson proved amazing and effortlessly drove the Okka 4WD to all the destinations for some amazing wild weather photography. Wonderful gourmet food and succulent King Island steaks on the Barbie greeted us when we all returned from yet another fantastic shoot. All participants shot many excellent images and learnt so much from this workshop. The wilder the weather the better the photography! Our nocturnal shoot of the little penguins coming home to roost just topped the weekend  off.

2 comments on “King Island Workshop September 2010

  1. RedHillGal says:

    This looks like a fabulous weekend…I feel like living up here I'm missing out! May be it is time to come home. But here's an idea…I think the next workshop should be in East Arnhem Land; I know one taker already so what about it?

  2. alfred99 says:

    It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you Ian for organising it and giving us some wonderful tips on how to take great photos even when it was raining. I have looked at my photos and some are nearly as good as yours :)) Margaret has requested a 12-24mm DX wide angle lens so she can start to compete with me.

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