Article on shooting Panoramas… Digital Photographer-UK Issue 135 May 2013

My son-in-Law Matt Bennett is senior staff writer at Imagine Publishing’s UK Digital Photographer magazine. He sometimes asks me for material to use in major articles and this one proved to be a huge 12 page feature on the art of photographing and finishing great Panoramas with your digital camera. I have been shooting Panoramas for many years and got very  serious about it when I purchased a Hasselblad Xpan film camera. Beautiful to use, but alas in the digital age, film is expensive and digital imaging far superior. Most of the images used in the article were provided by me for Matt to use and some of them are the lovely film images produced by that specialist Hasselblad film camera I mentioned. This issue (135) of the magazine has been out now in the UK newsagents for a fortnight, but will not hit our shelves for at least 2 months.








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