England – Dorset June 10th 2013

The Summer Evenings are continuing to be warm and sunny with just a few scattered clouds for added interest. The flowers are out in abundance along the Jurassic Dorset coastline and my son-in-law Matt and I set up one evening near Clavell’s Tower for some Sunset Photography. This historic tower was recently moved brick by brick back from the crumbling edge and is used as a B&B on occasion. Notable author Thomas Hardy often visited the area during the time it was used as a lighthouse and recently P.D James used it as a setting for one of her Novels and even Bill Bryson makes mentions of it. The tower is another popular spot with outdoor photographers, but not usually in the summer. However we found it quite charming and certainly the lovely light complimented the scene beautifully.

Kimmeridge-Bay-Sunset-E0541-14x20 copy

Clavell's-Tower-at-Sunset-E0542-20x25 copy

Summer-Blooms-Kimmeridge-Bay-E0543-14x20 copy

Clavell's-Tower-Summer-flowers-E05-11x17 copy

2 comments on “England – Dorset June 10th 2013

  1. Di Bell says:

    Which camera?

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