Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic coastline Dorset England May 21st 2014

Every time I visit Dorset I love to explore the Jurassic Coastline and the beautiful bays that are an integral part of this area. Lulworth cove is one of my favourite spots. It is an incredibly pretty cove and I never tire from visiting it. However, to find a day that suits colourful images is quite hard. There are many sunny days at this time of the year, but most of them are extremely hazy due to the moist air that the sun pulls from the ground and then mixes in the atmosphere. It rained the day before and there was some wind as well, so I knew the next day would be great…if the sun returned, and it did. I had a two hour window to work the scene and walk around both sides of the bay and get these shots before cloud came in and the lovely light disappeared.  Most photographers love the first light and dusk as I do, but I have these kind of photo’s from previous trips here and I just wanted colourful bright sunny images that just simply sing and show it off! The 30 second image was just an added bonus… it was the last one I did and it worked as cloud cover moved in and gave me the time and light that I needed.




Lulworth-Cove-E0-16x24   Lulworth-Cove-E0-22x36   Lulworth-Cove-E0-14x36

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