Creating Sunstars May-Issue No.148 UK Digital Photographer Magazine

I was asked to provide a small insert to go into the UK Digital Photographer Magazine May 2014. I am often asked to supply Images for the magazine and look our for Issue 150. It will be an extra special Magazine because of the number, and I have been interviewed for an article for this particular issue!


2 comments on “Creating Sunstars May-Issue No.148 UK Digital Photographer Magazine

  1. Elizabeth Kodela says:

    Hello Ian

    I have a sunstar filter which I used many years ago with my Nikon F2 when film was in vogue. Are you using this filter or similar when shooting into the sun? I would like to know so I can bring it with me on our trip to US later this year!

    By the way, will you supply a list of what to take with us soon so I can start planning as it is only four months away?

    I can see why you shoot into the sun with your wide angle lens, otherwise my shadow gets into every image. Sometimes I have to twist my body to avoid my shadow and othertimes have to crop myself out of the image. Do you have this problem?

    Cheers for now

    Elizabeth Kodela

  2. ianrolfephotography says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I don’t use any filters to create sunstars, just F22 and partial obscurity of the sun.
    I will teach this to any interested on the USA tour. Keeping your shadow out of the frame can be tricky, but there are ways to do this. I will be sending out a full list of recommended gear soon.
    kind regards Ian

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