Dartmoor National Park in Devon England June 19th 2014

My son-in-Law Matt is senior staff writer for “Digital Photography” magazine at Imagine Publishing and needed some fresh material for a huge article in an upcoming issue…. what better way to get some new images than to plan a big day out! So we did…. we left home early and drove over to the next county, with a breakfast stop on the way. I had previously been to Brentour ( A 12th century church 350 metres up on top of a hill) but Matt hadn’t and always wanted to have an opportunity to photograph it. We needed images from the middle part of the day and also towards dusk and we both easily filled in the rest of the time working our way over some of the narrow winding roads of Dartmoor. We spent a couple of hours down in a valley along the Dart River and also spent some time up on the Tors, wild ponies and all…. Here is a small selection of images taken on this day…. The Panorama is actually a 360 degree view at Brentour.













2 comments on “Dartmoor National Park in Devon England June 19th 2014

  1. Di Bell says:

    Beautiful Ian, as always. I love the greens of England…they bring back happy memories of Derwent pencils. It is time to come home now – you have planning to do! (That is a non too subtle hint.)

  2. ianrolfephotography says:

    Yes Di…coming home soon!

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