Photographic Workshop Norfolk Island August 1st – 9th 2014

I have just returned from another beautiful and extremely satisfying workshop I conducted on Norfolk Island. I was very lucky to have with me a lovely and humorous group who within days were the best of friends and enjoyed all the sessions together. The weather was delightful and varied, as we photographed the mist and clouds, the drama of morning light and the ever changing colours of the landscape and seascape. I never cease to be amazed at the variety of light that the month of August seems to provide this speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I am sure everyone has come away with very fond memories and a countless number of images ready to be processed in the weeks ahead. A big thank-you to all who attended, you really were a wonderful bunch! Thank you too, Karen and Becki and Norfolk Island Travel Centre for your care and attention to all details. You girls are simply marvellous. Thanks Jeanette at the Polynesian Apartments for all your hard work and lovely breakfasts. I also spend a few extra days here, after my group flew home, to catch up with friends and to get an opportunity to at last visit nearby Phillip Island, an area under Australian Parks management. I managed to get out there the day before I was due to fly home. On arrival, David our skipper skilfully steered the boat at high tide into the jump off point and the three of us hopped off quickly onto the wet rocks. From there it is a rope assisted climb up through a crevice to a place where you can begin your walk. Blue Skies and the absolute sheer magnificence of this place is hard to describe. Often dubbed the “Uluru of the South Pacific” as under the right light, it has a kaleidoscope of the richest red, purple and yellow hues.  It’s a bit of a slog to explore the Island and thanks to the seemingly endless energy of Sorrel and her son Aden, we managed to cover all the best spots in a few hours. My camera never stopped working and the highlight, apart from the beautiful rich colours, were the nesting Masked Boobies. Wide angle is all you need as the birds are quite unafraid as you quietly approach them.

I will be running another workshop to Norfolk Island in 2015  The dates are the 14th-22nd August. I am taking bookings already. To book just contact me for your PDF which will be available soon.









During our visit to the Island I always try for night-time images, startrails and moonlight. On this occasion we had a Super Moon event and so I took the group down to the Historic Cemetary for some special images. We had to wait until about 11pm for the moon to rise behind us above the steep hills, but when it did, it was a delight.












The First light of the morning was never the same. Always beautiful and sometimes spectacular, it had us out shooting at 6.30am every day. The sheer magic of this tiny Island inspires and delights!









Always one for getting a particularly special and different image, I seem to be the source of amusement for my workshop participants… here is a small selection of images that were taken of me in my pursuit of “The Shot”








2 comments on “Photographic Workshop Norfolk Island August 1st – 9th 2014

  1. Carmel Lanigan says:

    Hi Ian, Many thanks for a great trip. I have just completed sorting my memorable photos which we will treasure. Our group was a great bunch of which several of us are still communicating via facebook. Thanks again and I have no hesitation in recommending your tour to any photo enthusiasts (with the right equipment).


    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words Carmel..
      yes it was a great bunch who participated in this years Norfolk workshop.
      So glad you have some great images form the workshop too!
      regards Ian

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