The City of Melbourne at Dusk August 2014


I had the opportunity to shoot the city of Melbourne from the 67th Level of a new skyscraper tower that is still in the process of construction last evening. A good friend of mine is a commercial building inspector and had arranged for the two of us to travel up to this level and capture the sunset and dusk. It was quite dazzling and a bit daunting as it is open air and there is hardly a barrier between you and the drop far below. I actually got enough courage to walk out into the large skip which protrudes right out from this level and capture the city lights and the glow of the dusk, out towards St.Kilda and bayside, just basically hanging out the edge of the building inside the bin!










10 comments on “The City of Melbourne at Dusk August 2014

  1. Graeme Brown says:

    Hi Ian great shots wish I had a friend who could take me there

  2. Veronica Curtis says:

    Beautiful Photos Ian. Be careful. Its amazing the courage we get to get the shot. Best wishes Ronnie

  3. Merilyn Stephan says:

    Lucky you, that’s a very unique moment in time. Dream colours.

  4. Di Bell says:

    If I’d been hanging off the edge of a building there would have been serious camera shake!
    Gorgeous unblurred photos Ian.

  5. Linda Herd says:

    Love these shots Ian! Great views…I maybe tempted to move back to that side of town now!

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