USA Photographic Tour of the South West October – November 2014

Part of our USA tour this year included a visit to Lower Antelope Canyon. I much prefer this Slot Canyon over the Upper, as the tours are often horrendous, with so many tourists being pushed through by the Navajo guides. The lower Slot Canyon is quieter and particularly in the mid afternoon, it’s got soft beautiful light with many gaps exposed to the daylight above. This Canyon is a favourite with informed photographers and is a much better choice over the Upper. All in the group went down the ladders and over the next 80 minutes went totally wild with exposures. A faster ISO of about 1600 and the camera set on manual focus with an F stop of 7.1 captured these stunning images. I have worked the slot Canyons a few times and am always enthralled at the colours and patterns found here. You only need one lens… as wide as you can go. These images were all shot with a 12mm lens on a full frame camera. I have been so busy since my return and so have only had a chance to work on a few photographs from this Slot Canyon.












2 comments on “USA Photographic Tour of the South West October – November 2014

  1. Jenny Vass says:

    Wow Ian, were we in the same canyon?!! Your colours are striking.

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Yes Jenny
      we were in the same Canyon…I used Raw files and brought out the colours hidden in the metadata! I replaced the skies in some and the at is the only colour I introduced.

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