Announcing The Antarctica Expedition -Especially designed for photographers – October-November 2016

Ewen Bell and Myself have just designed a magnificent Antarctica Expedition, which is especially designed for photographers. This trip will run from October 30th through to November 20th 2016 in the newly refitted Hebredian Sky. Freshly returning to service after a major re-fit, the Hebredian Sky features state of the art stabilisation, new communications facilities and redecorated suites. Internet access is available throughout the ship via WiFi and you will have excellent meals for the journey with a dedicated team of professionals in the galley. There’s even an outdoor jacuzzi and space to take a walk around the decks while at sea. The ship carries no more than 100 passengers, which means you are guaranteed access to every single zodiac outing. The team of experts and expedition crew is superb, making this a journey of discovery as well as photography. This expedition cruise is ideal for photography, with multiple zodiac trips every day when not sailing between shores. Sometimes this means you’re cruising through ice bergs, sometimes chasing whales, and usually it means getting o the water and stepping on shore with the penguins. The heaviest gear required for staying warm and dry during this trip is provided on board. You must ensure you pack warm layers and waterproof pants, but even an Antarctic grade weather jacket is supplied.

Travel is from Argentina down to the Falkland Islands, on to South Georgia and then cruising in the Antarctic Peninsular.  Download the PDF  and read for yourself just how wonderful this expedition will be for any adventurous photographer!

This workshop is  now listed in the drop-down menu on this blog under workshops…

Alternatively…simply click here to just read or download your own copy of the brochure:     Antarctica2016



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