An awesome photographic research trip for an upcoming workshop: Luang Prabang in central Laos.

Ewen and I had discussed for quite a while the possibility of running a workshop together into an area of Indo-China that Ewen previously used to work on his own, under the banner of Ancient Kingdoms. An opportunity came our way last month in late October as we were scheduled to run a workshop together into Nepal and the Annapurnas earlier in the month. That workshop was highly successful and it meant we could fly back after the conclusion of the workshop and divert into Laos for a few days on our return journey via Bangkok. Our days there were filled with appointments for hotel viewing, choosing restaurants, markets, guides, drivers, coffee bars, and also looking for the best possible outcomes with regard to visiting tribal villages, river trips on the Mekong and Nam Ou rivers, early morning with the Mahouts and their Elephants, the Temples and the monks with the dawn alms. It meant we had to work long days and visit so many areas to figure out the absolute best possible scenario’s for our upcoming workshop. This meticulous planning will of course be reflected in the amazing and diverse workshop that a few lucky people will experience when they sign on with us. Delicious food, superior lodgings, local guides and drivers and the visual diversity make this a photographer’s dream. The workshop Ewen and I have planned is indeed  a treasure trove of photographic delights from the first light of dawn until sunset!


To obtain a copy of the PDF explaining the all inclusive workshop and how to book, click on the following link: artofmonkslaos2018       Don’t miss this delightful chance to experience something unique, wonderful and totally different!

The images below are just a very small selection of what I took during our research trip and is a sample of the wonderful delights that awaits anyone signing up with us on this incredible photographic opportunity.



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