Alpine National Park – Victoria . January 21st – 25th . 2017

I grabbed a few days up in the high country as the weather looked good and there was a chance to shoot clear skies and beautiful wildflowers. Summer can be so lovely up here above 5000 feet in the summer, and I wasn’t disappointed. Another good reason is that I had just purchased the New Art series Sigma 12-24mm F4 lens! What a superb optic this is. All the images here on this post were shot using this lens…I never took it off the camera! Now all we need is a filter holder to go with it and we will have a near perfect tool!


6 comments on “Alpine National Park – Victoria . January 21st – 25th . 2017

  1. Graeme Brown says:

    Hi Ian amazing photos how about a high country workshop and happy new year to you and Ann

    Kindest regards

    Graeme Brown

  2. Denise Sammons says:

    Awesome my friend…your new len is a keeper me thinks… had good weather too…well done…denise

  3. paulwright says:

    Thank you for these fabulous images Ian. Looking at your images of the Wallace Hut is like taking a master class in choosing a different vantage point to create something new.

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