Norfolk Island -South-Pacific Photographic Workshop 12th – 23rd September 2017

Fifteen participants and twelve days of magic on this years Norfolk Island photographic workshop! From 5.30am for the dawn shoots on most mornings, weather permitting and many late afternoon and dusk forays, saw the entire group shoot amazing light in the most beautiful locations. All the participants immersed themselves into the delightful scenes and locations the Island has in abundance. My thanks to all those who attended this year for your enthusiasm and willingness to be at all the locations every day! My sincere thanks to Karen and Becky at the Norfolk Island Travel centre for all their organisation and planning to make this workshop the success it was once again. The images on this post are a small sample of the many fine photographic locations we shot over the twelve day workshop.

If you would like to participate in next years workshop to this very special Island and be at all locations at the right time and in the best light, then book a place on this most spectacular photographic event! Simple email Karen  Also…for further information or to download a PDF go to my website and click in the menu under workshops…



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