Photographic Workshop Adventure into Bhutan…December 2019

I am not long back from a totally awesome adventure in the Eastern Himalayas! Bhutan is an amazing and delightful destination and seems to be more beautiful and alluring each time you re-visit. Ewen Bell ( and myself led a wonderful group of participants from the West side of the mountainous country to the East side and included partaking in and observing the most delightful rural festivals that you could possibly imagine. The images here are just a fraction of what we shot and our group were never short of photographic locations and subject material. I feel that they will be editing for months!

Join us this year!  Consider booking now as Ewen and I have another awesome adventure waiting for those lucky few who will travel with us in late November!

Dates for the 2020 Bhutan workshop are: November 21st to December 6th

New PDF for 2020: download it now to see what’s included:

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