Alpine National Park – Victoria . January 21st – 25th . 2017

I grabbed a few days up in the high country as the weather looked good and there was a chance to shoot clear skies and beautiful wildflowers. Summer can be so lovely up here above 5000 feet in the summer, and I wasn’t disappointed. Another good reason is that I had just purchased the New Art series Sigma 12-24mm F4 lens! What a superb optic this is. All the images here on this post were shot using this lens…I never took it off the camera! Now all we need is a filter holder to go with it and we will have a near perfect tool!


Australia Post – Norfolk Island New Stamp Issue January 17th 2017

I am delighted to announce that Australia Post has purchased the rights to use a few images from my Norfolk Island collection for this new issue of Waterfalls which was released yesterday. Here is a brief description of the falls and creek, also images of every item that was released and some technical details as well.

Cascade Creek is one of Norfolk Island’s few permanent streams. Along with its tributaries, its catchment area covers almost one-fifth of the island and is an important home for native wetland flora and fauna. When it rains, high flows produce two main waterfalls: Cockpit Waterfall and Cascade Creek Falls.

Cockpit Waterfall is located inland, around 100 metres from the sea. Also known as Cockpit Falls, it is located within Cascade Reserve, an area of more than 30 hectares along the northern coast of Norfolk Island. Cascade Creek flows past Cockpit to Cascade Bay, resulting in Cascade Creek Falls.

Technical details

  • Issue date: 17 January 2017
  • FDI withdrawal date: 15 February 2017
  • Denominations: 1 x $1, 1 $2
  • Stamps & Envelope Photography  Ian Rolfe – Southern Lightscapes
  • Product design: Simone Sakinofsky
  • Printer: RA Printing
  • Paper (gummed): Tullis Russell Red Phosphor
  • Printing process: Offset lithography
  • Stamp size: 26mm x 37.5mm
  • Minisheet size: 135mm x 80mm
  • Perforations: 14.6 x 13.86
  • Sheet layout: Module of 50
  • FDI postmark: Norfolk Island NSW 2899
  • Issue withdrawal date: 31 July 2017


King Island Photographic Workshop December 2-4 2016

Another spring wildflower workshop with 10 participants has been completed, with the weather god’s smiling on us all once again! Lovely blue skies on the first 2 days with fluffy clouds sweeping in from the western parts of Bass Strait and more cloud but still beautiful on the last day. My sincere thanks to the team on King Island who surpassed themselves once more and a big thank-you to all the wonderful people who joined me for the amazing 3 day workshop. Posted here a just a few images from the trip and I know everyone who participated will have taken home loads of great images to work on at their leisure.


Next year my King Island workshop is already completely booked out, so if you would love to consider joining me on this amazing experience to a truly wonderful and scenic destination, then email me to secure a spot for late November/early December in 2018 With a fantastic team who live and work on the Island we really do take you where other’s can’t… Plus the local food is a delicious highlight that is simply superb!

An awesome photographic research trip for an upcoming workshop: Luang Prabang in central Laos.

Ewen and I had discussed for quite a while the possibility of running a workshop together into an area of Indo-China that Ewen previously used to work on his own, under the banner of Ancient Kingdoms. An opportunity came our way last month in late October as we were scheduled to run a workshop together into Nepal and the Annapurnas earlier in the month. That workshop was highly successful and it meant we could fly back after the conclusion of the workshop and divert into Laos for a few days on our return journey via Bangkok. Our days there were filled with appointments for hotel viewing, choosing restaurants, markets, guides, drivers, coffee bars, and also looking for the best possible outcomes with regard to visiting tribal villages, river trips on the Mekong and Nam Ou rivers, early morning with the Mahouts and their Elephants, the Temples and the monks with the dawn alms. It meant we had to work long days and visit so many areas to figure out the absolute best possible scenario’s for our upcoming workshop. This meticulous planning will of course be reflected in the amazing and diverse workshop that a few lucky people will experience when they sign on with us. Delicious food, superior lodgings, local guides and drivers and the visual diversity make this a photographer’s dream. The workshop Ewen and I have planned is indeed  a treasure trove of photographic delights from the first light of dawn until sunset!


To obtain a copy of the PDF explaining the all inclusive workshop and how to book, click on the following link: artofmonkslaos2018       Don’t miss this delightful chance to experience something unique, wonderful and totally different!

The images below are just a very small selection of what I took during our research trip and is a sample of the wonderful delights that awaits anyone signing up with us on this incredible photographic opportunity.



Photographic workshop to Bhutan with Ewen Bell October 30 to November 12 – 2017

My good friend and partner on many photographic workshops Ewen Bell, is running another great adventure into Bhutan. It is at times a complete emotional encounter with both the landscape and the people and I hope to re-visit again in the near future. Sadly, due to other commitments I will not be joining him on the 2017 workshop. However, I cannot  recommend highly enough, that you give serious consideration to letting Ewen help you experience this amazing country through his eyes. Ewen has continually visited Bhutan for years and extensively travelled to all areas of this delightful and alluring country. This is an adventure with your camera that you will never forget!

Download a PDF to read more…bhutanphototour2017


Photographic Workshop to Nepal and the Annapurna region in Mustang. September 26th to October 15th 2016

We have just completed a totally amazing workshop in Nepal, including the Kathmandu Valley and the Annapurna region in the mountainous area of Mustang. My sincere thanks to all the participants and also to the incredible organisational skills of Ewen. Our ground team in Nepal were superb as usual and our special thanks to all the guides and drivers we used. This trip was adventurous to say the least, as we had to take the road trip up into the mountains from Pokhara due to lingering monsoonal rain and mist that cancelled many flights. This is a bus trip of about two days, through the most incredible mountain passes and rough sections of track. The wet weather added to the general chaos and our vehicle got stuck quite a few times and had to be dragged across a raging river by excavator as well. The mountains were awesome as expected, and although I have seem them before up here in the high Annapurna region, they still inspire and are a marvel to see. I have attached a small selection of images taken during the workshop and for those who are interested, Ewen and myself are running another adventurous Nepal photographic workshop in late 2018. Bookings can be made through



Chasing Waterfalls September 23rd 2016

I decided to head out for a really full day of shooting waterfalls as Victoria has experienced a very wet late winter and early spring and there is flooding in many parts of the rural areas. Spring is always great time to photograph waterfalls, as all the creeks and rivers have risen and started to fall again, which means plenty of water, but not flooded to their maximum. My plan was to include at least 3 waterfalls that I had not really photographed properly before and they included Turpin falls just north of Kyneton, Trentham falls and finally Sailors falls just south of Daylesford. It made a good circuit for the day without back-tracking… the tracks at each spot were slippery and very wet but I managed to get down to the bottom of all three falls and create some really good images, even battling excessive water spray and wind. It was a long day, what with the continuous wiping of my lenses and then trekking down to each waterfall and back up again…and so was quite glad to get home and spend a few hours in front of the computer working on them, I can tell you! I have posted a small selection of these images that I have completed, below.