Scotland Highlands and Islands Photographic Workshop June-July 2019

The 2019 Scottish Photographic workshop was a huge success and this year the weather was exceptionally kind to us! Our group visited 8 Islands in the inner and outer Hebrides, using 5 different ferries and 1 boat trip to experience the wonder that is Scotland. Some time was spend in the Western highlands too and we had blue skies and calm days which were especially welcomed on the day we photographed the Puffins and other seabirds on Lunga Island. I am sure everyone on the workshop will return home with great memories and amazing images. My thanks goes to every participant who made this trip so special. Special thanks to my son Adrian, our second driver and fantastic organiser of our evening meals. Posted here are just a fraction of the images taken and the ones I have had time to actually process so far.  Anyone wanting to experience a workshop with me, my next one is to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific in September. A couple of places are available.  For those wanting any information on future workshops that I run please email me at:


2 comments on “Scotland Highlands and Islands Photographic Workshop June-July 2019

  1. Paul Wright says:

    Wonderful art. fantastic array of images – thanks for sharing. The variety of places you visited with your group, it looks like you kept them very busy, with lots of opportunities for great photography. I feel a little envious. I am also very impressed by the panoramas, they add an extra dimension.

    • Thank-you kindly Paul… I kept them very busy and I love to show my workshops how to always look for a pano shot even if they don’t think there is one there to be shot! All the best and I hope your trip went well. warm regards… Ian

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