Evening Forays along the Jurassic Coastline Dorset England – June 2015

I wanted to share the last two evenings I ventured out to the coastline in Dorset last week. The first evening I slogged the 40 minutes hike there from the carpark and then back again in the dark to and from Dancing Ledge. Its a real scramble down to the water’s edge, let me tell you, with the last 12 feet a sheer drop and only precarious toe holds to get you back up again with your gear and tripod. I have since learned that some local landscape photographer’s take a long ladder with them so they can climb down! It’s an amazing place for both the sunrise and sunset and I chose the latter because at this time of the year I am not too keen to get up at 4am to be at this spot in time for the dawn!  The second evening I ventured out ( I had watched the clouds and weather so as not to waste my effort) I went with my son-in-law Matt to Kimmeridge bay. We knew that the tide would be in so we opted for shooting the lovely cloud formations and using Clavells tower as a subject. The light was soft and warm with a tinge of colour and so we managed to get some really nice images.













2 comments on “Evening Forays along the Jurassic Coastline Dorset England – June 2015

  1. mupston says:

    I enjoyed seeing the photos and the description of how you took them.

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