My Passion

My Photography takes me to places that have the most beautiful light and scenery. this could be up in the High Country of the Victorian Alps, down in Tasmania on one of my numerous trips or overseas like the North American continent, a place that has particularly stunning scenery and grand Vistas. Whether I travel alone or sometimes with my son-in-law Matthew Bennett, and even on Occasion with friends like Shelton Muller, the emphasis is always on enjoying the great outdoors, relishing the magnificent light and bringing home stunning Pictures to share with others. Photography is one of lifes great pastimes, which quickly turns to passion and obsession! The photograph taken by my good friend Shelton Muller is of me enjoying some stunning late afternoon light up in Victoria’s High Country.

2 comments on “My Passion

  1. Jermaine Ammari says:

    Dear Ian,
    I can feel & see the passion that you have. Your photos are amazing. You took me with you to all the beautiful places you have been to. I really appreciate your beautiful work. I enjoyed every one of them as I am fond of nature mainly greenery. Wish you the very best. thank you once again for the beauty you revealed to us.
    Jermaine Ammari

    • Thank you so much Jermaine
      I really appreciate your comments and positive feedback on my blog
      It was really nice of you to do this
      keep enjoying beautiful scenery and landscape as its good for our souls

      warm regards
      Ian Rolfe

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