The Limestone Coast and Fleurieu Peninsular of South Australia

November is the month where like magic the blue Lake at Mount Gambier changes from a dull grey to the unbelievable vivid blue colour that has made it famous. A short drive away is the Crater Lake which is usually a very scenic spot and I wasn’t disappointed…….. The Limestone coast is amazing in its diversity and seaside Towns like Beachport have incredible seascapes. At Beachport one of South Australia’s longest jetties heads out into the aqua waters of the Great Australian Bight……. Our drive along the Coorong was a highlight of this trip. I knew from the media reports that it had suffered badly in the last decade from serious drought and lack of water flowing down the Murray River. Now it looks magnificent, just the way it should. The Government has funded the opening of the Murray mouth and fresh sea-water is flowing into the Coorong. Both Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert are full of fresh water and the Coorong now has its fresh sea-water. The area is getting back to normal and its a great time to see it.

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