Bendigo Region Photographic Workshop June 4th and 5th 2011

A recent two day workshop held in and around the Bendigo Goldfields district was very successful. We set out to photograph the wonderful cathedral in the first light of dawn and also to try some times exposures at night of this amazing church. We spent some time too in the vicinity of the Campaspe River at Kyneton, because the winter light was low and there was no wind to speak of. There we were able to capture some stunning reflections with the added bonus of the last of the Autumn colours, still lying on
the ground in various hues of gold, brown and red.

We also spent an hour or two out in the vicinity of Heathcote where at close proximity to the town is an area the locals describe as the pink hills. these are remnants of the gold-rush, leftover alluvial diggings that are eroding away leaving spectacular colours and shapes to marvel at. These pink hills can be photographed in the middle part of the day during the winter months as the light is a lot less contrasty due to the sun being at such a low angle. Other stops included the flooded Mount Ida creek and the Botanical Gardens in the small village of Malmsbury. The winter sun was a delight here and the reflections in the ponds very attractive.

One comment on “Bendigo Region Photographic Workshop June 4th and 5th 2011

  1. mark sheppard says:


    I would like to use a photo of the Malmsbury viaduct in a website to symbolise financial strength. Its a technical website on a banking product we (2 Australian partners) are trying to market.

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