Southern Tasmania, Bruny Island and the Hartz Mountains.

On a recent trip to the Southern Area of Tasmania including a few days on Bruny Island, the unpredictable weather helped in getting some amazing shots. The dawn light in Adventure Bay was wonderful, but the weather would close in by the afternoon and bring a wind from the south. The seas would then become choppy and so I decided to do the morning boat trip along the coast to the southernmost area near the Bruny Lighthouse. This boat trip is highly recommended as the towering cliffs along this part of the Island are quite spectacular. Not for those prone to sea-sickness. It really pays to pick your time and if there is a strong wind it would be no use for photography, as you need to stand up in the boat when they stop for a moment, and its quite a challenge I can tell you! Also spent some time in the Hartz Mountains National Park, and as is so often the case when I go to this spot the wind and rain arrived within minutes of getting out of the car. Undaunted I managed to photograph Lake Dobson and get wet….yet again. The Arve river area was also damp, but no wind, so the rainforest looked amazing. The wonderful thing about Tasmania is the diversity in the weather, expect anything and you wont be disappointed. 

One comment on “Southern Tasmania, Bruny Island and the Hartz Mountains.

  1. RedHillGal says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs, Ian. I particularly loved the wild sea one, being landlocked it just appeals enormously.

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