Arkaroola, Lake Eyre, Channel Country and Outback New South Wales

Have just returned from a two week trip flying in a light aircraft in the Outback regions of South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Beautifully piloted by Brendan Cosmer, we flew in total kilometres about a third of the way to England! Our trip was mainly to see the magnificent Lake Eyre in flood, a sight to behold and hard to describe. Our first stop was the Gammon Ranges in South Australia, at the Arkaroola Wilderness Lodge. We spent time travelling about in a 4wd to visit the waterholes and rugged terrain that make this spot so famous. After two days we boarded the plane and headed up to Maree and then across to the famous watering hole at the start of the Oodnadatta track: William Creek. This is a great pub, so Australian, and so typical of the Outback. Nearby are the beautiful Painted hills at the Anna Creek Station, with a late afternoon flight to catch the wonderful colours that are reminiscent of the North American continent. The next day was the first of two flights over the amazing Lake Eyre. To truly appreciate this vast interior Lake it requires a flight to each area, so the southern part was traversed firstly, followed the next day by a circuit flight over the Northern part including the Warbuton River. Basically Lake Eyre is the same size as Holland, with the basin that drains into it roughly the size of Germany and France combined!
Truly awesome to see and photograph. The colours are lovely and change as it deepens and moves. Following these flights we touched down at Innamincka on the Banks of the Cooper Creek and spent hours wandering along the banks watching the birdlife and the photographing the amazing sunset. Innamincka is another Aussie Icon and well worth a visit. How anybody lives out here defies belief, but some love it and good luck to them. We spent a day flying over the channel country after we touched down and looked at the famous “Dig Tree” (Burke and Wills) and then spent the next night at the infamous Birdsville Hotel. Wonderful food and Lodging and some amazing images at the local Lagoon in the late afternoon light. Highlights included a look at “Big Red” the 90 metre Sand dune and a low flying look at the flooded area and Lagoons in this beautiful channel Country. Goyder Lagoon was truly impressive and the colours of the water and desert country mixed up with the green growth truly spectacular!

Other area visited on this trip included Charleville, Bourke and the wonderful Camel Station in Outback New South Wales called Comeroo. This trip was a personal journey, a long time on my bucket list and the memories will definitely last a lifetime.

7 comments on “Arkaroola, Lake Eyre, Channel Country and Outback New South Wales

  1. Helicopter says:

    Wonderful Photo's. The painted desert and the Channel country are the best kept secret in Australia

  2. You are an incredible photographer!Thanks.Geoff, Canada

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Thank you for your kind comments
      I am glad you liked them
      all the best
      Ian Rolfe

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    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Hi Pauline
      thank you for your comments when I can I will have a look at this
      regards Ian

  4. Hi

    I am a picture researcher for the British museum Press and I would like to use your image of channel Country patterns, qld01-11x17copy1 in our forthcoming book Indigenous Australia.

    The image would be used as a double spread and I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me to discuss your conditions and the delivery of the high resolution image. I can also give you more information about the book.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Hello Axelle
      I would be happy to supply the image you have requested.
      I will email you ASAP with my conditions and the delivery of the high res
      image to you
      kind regards

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