King Island Tasmania January – February 2012

We decided to have a late summer break and King Island proved to be the perfect location. As I hate anything remotely connected with hot weather, this proved a good choice…. hottest day was a shade over 21 degrees….lovely!  Photographically I wanted to see if there were any more locations on the Island that we could incorporate into my Workshops that I conduct down here in Bass Strait every few months. Well of course there is!! Locations everywhere… and in the summer conditions they look quite different than at other times of the year. We had mild sunny days with fluffy white clouds for ninety percent of the time and many scenes lent themselves to these bright lighting conditions.  I think I have put on a couple of kilos…not that hard to do with the amount of wonderful food on offer….Not hard to order a massive lobster just caught (thermidor naturally) and munch your way through that! Plus: try to avoid the cheese…. gave up the first day! (not to mention the local oysters, Turkey, beef, garlic, tomatoes, dutch cream potatoes…etc etc) well at least the Kids ring you while you are down here….( any cheese and steak you bring home and you don’t need Dad…we will have it )

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