Olympus OM-DE-M5 Review

In the Next Issue of Digital Photography magazine Australia (Volume 31) Ewen Bell and I have done a review of the inspiring little camera. In a word its pure magic! I am totally impressed with the quality and ease of using it and what’s more its light and so easy to carry that you hardly know you have it with you. I have the weatherproof version and 5 lenses and its just a marvel to shoot with. As a Photography workshop Instructor I make it my business to avoid photographic tragedy  and so, carry a second kit, just in case one of my workshop participants camera stops working. Believe me it happens! Now I could carry a second full frame or APS-C camera to complement what I use, but I no longer want to be a pack-horse. As I get older (and hopefully wiser) camera weight is a huge consideration! I can see the day when full frame and heavy gear will just not be with me…. camera gear is improving out of sight year by year and amazing images can be taken with smaller camera’s and lenses.




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