Photographic Workshop to King Island 15th-18th March 2013


I have recently returned from a four day workshop on King Island with 21 participants. Two from country Benalla and nineteen from the Rosanna Camera Club. What a great weekend we had together and never a dull moment. It was lovely to see such a large group all working together and appreciating the great outdoors that only a place like king Island can provide with such amazing and changeable weather. I am sure everyone benefited greatly from the workshop judging by the comments made and came away feeling positive and with memory cards full of great images!



Wickham-Light-and-Storm-KI0572-14x20 copy

Sea-Elephant-Bay-Crepuscular-Rays-KI0568-11x17 copy

Naracoopa-Wharf-View-KI0562-11x17 copy

Naracoopa-Light Low-Tide02 Low-Tide01 Kelp-Harvester-KI0576-11x17 copy

Disappointment-Bay-KI0565-18x20 copy



Coastline-Half-Moon-Bay-KI0577-16x20 copy



Approaching-Storm-Victoria-Cove-KI0573-16x20 copy

Appraoching-Storm-Wickham-Cove-KI0580-18x30 copy

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