Scotland – the Trossachs June 26th 2013

Loch Lomond and Lone Pipers…My Entrance into Scotland this year was one of Mist and Calm, she greeted my like an old friend and having visited before I expected as much! In the days since, the weather has been lovely. Scotland is a Landscape Photographer’s paradise and one does not want blue Sunny days and no clouds. Loch Lomond holds a special place for me as it was one of my mum’s favourite places. She remembered vividly been taken there as a child on numerous occasions by her grandfather and its now her final resting place as I was asked by her if I would scatter her ashes there, which I have subsequently done for her. Needless to say when encountering lone Pipers standing in front of magnificent backdrops with melencholy sounds echoing around the hills as they play their instrument, it is hard not to have a tear in your eye.

Loch-Lomond-Misty-Dawn-S0130-11x17 copy

Loch-Lomond-S0131-11x17 copy

Piper-at-Glencoe-Pass-S0124-11x17 copy

Lone-Piper-S0129-11x17 copy

Loch-Lomond-Dawn-S0119-12x30 copy

Luss-Cove-Loch-Lomond-S0116-18x30 copy

Eastern-Shore-Loch-Lomond-E0115-12x30 copy

Luss-Cove-Loch-Lomond-S0114-20x20 copy

Loch-Lomond-Reflections-S0112-11x17 copy

One comment on “Scotland – the Trossachs June 26th 2013

  1. Redhillgal says:

    Beautiful, as usual…have used up all my superlatives. Any of these taken with the Olympus?

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