Scotland – Isle of Skye June 30th 2013

Tranquility, Calm and a sense of Serendipity… is the ever-present and pervading feeling I had during my short stay on this magnificent Island. A favourite place of my mother’s, this was my first visit and without a doubt I will visit this beautiful and alluring Island again. The skies were always full of texture and line and the softness of the light even with the threat of rain made it a dream to photograph. The summer light started at 3.30am and continued through until 10.30 pm with twilight lasting 3 hours! I couldn’t possibly take it all in but I had a good try!

Neist-Point-Skye-S0177-14x20 copy

Waterfall-near-Sligachan-Skye-S0174-14x20 copy

Old-Cottage-near-Dunvegan-Isle-of-Skye-S0174-14x20 copy

Isle-of-Skye-Loch-Na-Cairidh-S0173-11x17 copy

Neist-Point-Coastline-Isle-of-Skye-S0172-18x30 copy

On-the-Road-to-Elgol-S0168-11x17 copy

Portree-Approaches-First-Light-S0169-11x17 copy

Cuillins-View-Skye-S0165-16x20 copy

Elgol-Dusk-Skye-S0163-11x17 copy

Mealt-Falls-Isle-of-Skye-S0167-14x20 copy

Light-over-the-Cuillins-Skye-S0170-11x17 copy

Gathering-Clouds-Skye-S0139-11x17 copy

Sligachan-Isle-of-Skye-S0141-18x20 copy

View-to-Old-Man-of-Storre-Skye-S0171-11x17 copy

Gathering-Clouds-Isle-of-Skye-S0144-11x17 copy

Portree-Harbour-Isle-of-Skye-S0145-11x17 copy

Portree-Harbour-Skye-S0121-11x17 copy

Old-Mn-of-Storre-Skye-S0123x12x30 copy

Elgol-Skye-Dusk-S0122-11x17 copy

View-to-the-Cuillins-Skye-S0146-14x20 copy

Old-Man-of-Storre-Skye-S0120-11x17 copy

View-of-the-Cuillins-Sligachan-S0147-11x17 copy

Kyleakin-Harbour-S0150-11x17 copy

View-to-Portree-Skye-S0125-11x17 copy

Portree-Harbour-Isle-of-Skye-S0174-12x30 copy

One comment on “Scotland – Isle of Skye June 30th 2013

  1. Diane says:

    Do you have a new job working for the Isle of Skye tourism board? Scotland is one of my fave places, have always wanted to return, now I think I will. SO WHY NOT ORGANISE A TRIP? Seriously.

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