Scotland – Outer Hebrides July 3rd 2013

The Islands of Lewis, Harris and Scalpay... in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides are intriguing to say the least. During my brief visit to these fairly Isolated Islands I was often completely enveloped in swirling mist and drizzling rain. It only added to the enchantment of the scenery. I had always thought that I would see these places in weather like this, so despite the time of year when technically it should be summer, the mist and fog persisted, even if it was quite warmish in temperature. As I drove around the Islands, places and scenes would literally pop out of the mist and sometimes it would clear away and a tiny amount of sunlight would appear, but so tantalizingly brief. I had at the top of my list the Standing Stones of Callanish and arrived in the late afternoon with clouds and some dramatic weather…great for what I wanted to photograph, and so I happily walked around all three locations with the threat of rain and a blustery wind whistling across the heather clad moors.

Isle-0f-Harris-Fleoideabhagh-S0197-14x20 copy

Fishing-Boat-Isle-of-Harris-S0196-14x20 copy

Stream-at-Bunavoneader-Isle-of-Harris-S0187-12x16 copy

Standing-Stones-Callanish-S0194-11x17 copy

Sandy-Cove-Butt-of-Harris-S0195-18x20 copy

Bridge-to-Scalpay-S0193-11x17 copy

Ardinashaig-Scalpay-S0190-12x30 copy

Near-Kendebig-Isle-of-Harris-S0192-11x17 copy

Ardinashaig-Scalpay-S0I91-12x30 copy

Lewis-Castle-Stornaway-Isle-of-Lewis-S0188-12x16 copy

View-to-Stornaway-Isle-of-Lewis-S0189-12x16 copy

Stornaway-Harbour-Isle-of-Lewis-S0184-12x30 copy

Butte-of-Harris-S0181-12x30 copy

Near-Leverburgh-Harris-S0180-09x17 copy

Old-Crofter's-Cottage-Isle-of-Lewis-S0182-11x17 copy

Port-of-Ness-Lewis-S0178-12x30 copy

Port-of-Ness-Harris-S0179-11x17 copy

Kennavay-Scalpay-S0192-11x17 copy

Coastal-Bays-Isle-of-Harris-S0142-12x30 copy

Far-Horizons-Isle-of-Lewis-S0128-12x30 copy

Abandoned-Isle-of-Lewis-S0127-11x17 copy

4 comments on “Scotland – Outer Hebrides July 3rd 2013

  1. Lynn Johns says:

    Oh my goodness! Breathtaking! If you know anything about Arizona in the US you might imagine how it feels to see these photos. Not that I don’t think AZ is beautiful. But these photos call to me. I have never felt like this just viewing pics before. Thank you! What a mighty God.

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      Hi Lynn
      thank you for your wonderful and inspiring comments.
      Yes a remarkable place is Scotland.
      Conducting a workshop there in late May/June 2015
      kind regards

  2. Big Sky says:

    These images are made by one of the best thought out visionary landscape photographers from anywhere I’ve seen. Outstanding subject matter, perspective, composition and use of color and there is something else there, seen and felt that is magical.

    • Thanks so much gharlens
      I appreciate the comments.
      I put my heart into my landscape work and teach others
      to feel for the landscape in my workshops.
      thank you again…I appreciate the feedback
      kind regards Ian Rolfe

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