England – Dorset July 9th 2013

A Summer Dawn... It appears England is overdue for a decent summer, and it’s arrived, in full swing. At least 14 days of high twenties and clear blue skies and scattered clouds are forecast and we are into day five with the forecast on track and accurate. The nights get very cool when the sun at last disappears over the horizon, and I anticipated a fine morning with quite a bit of mist around. I had pre-selected some locations I wanted to photograph at first light and so was at the first area tripod at the ready about 5am. The following images are just a small selection of a set I took in five different locations over a period of 90 minutes…to say I worked fast and hard is an under-statement! The light was magic and I was in my element. England never seems to disappoint the landscape photographer.
Dawn-Badbury-Rings-Dorset-E0624-14x20 copy

Badbury-Rings-Dawn-Dorset-E0634-11x17 copy

Stour-river-summer's-Morning-Dorset-E0630-11x17 copy

First-Light-Badbury-Dorset-E0631-11x17 copy

Sturminster-Marshall-Bridge-Dorset-E0632-11x17 copy

Beech-Trees-in-Mist-Dorset-E0626-12x20 copy

First-Light-Stour-River-Dorset-E0627-11x17 copy

Sturminster-Marshall-First-Light-Dorset-E0628-11x17 copy

Stour-River-Dawn-Dorset-E0633-11x17 copy

First-Light-Badbury-Rings-Dorset-E0629-11x17 copy

One comment on “England – Dorset July 9th 2013

  1. Diane says:

    Magic colors, I can imagine how frenetic you were. We could do England instead of Scotland, we wouldn’t mind!

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