Victorian West Coast of Warrnambool and Port Fairy November 15th – 17th 2013

About eighteen members of the SSPS spent the weekend down on the coast photographing the amazing light and coastlines in and around Port Fairy and Warrnambool. Help and advice was on offer and I also spent some time on the Saturday evening helping a few members with their images in Photoshop. On the Sunday morning we invited the Portland Camera club to join us for a few hours to shoot “The Crags” and nearly all their club turned out to join us! We had a wonderful morning and finished off at a local bakery for lunch and coffee. All participants on the weekend really enjoyed the time together and we can only hope that more members of SSPS come on the next weekend away.Coastline-Dawn-Port-Fairy-VIC0619-20x30 copy

Coastline-the-Crags-Port-Fairy-VIC0622-20x30 copy

Dawn-Light-Port-Fairy-VIC0639-16x24 copy

Early-Riser-VIC0623-11x17 copy

Footprints-Hopkins-River-VIC0638-16x20 copy

Hopkins-River-Warrnambool-low-Tide-VIC0641-14x20 copy

Hopkins-River-Warrnambool-VIC0625-20x30 copy

Port-Fairy-Coastline-Dusk-VIC0628-20x30 copy

Port-Fairy-Dusk-VIC0631-16x24 copy

Port-Fairy-Lighthouse-VIC0632-14x20 copy

Port-Fairy-Lighthouse-VIC0643-16x24 copy

Port-Fairy-Morning-Light-VIC0633-20x30 copy

The Crags-Port-Fairy-VIC064-16x24 copy

The-Crags-Port-Fairy-VIC0634-20x30 copy

The-Crags-Port-Fairy-VIC0635-14x20 copy

The-Crags-Port-Fairy-VIC0644M-16x24 copy

Tidal-Flow-Hopkins-River-Warrnambool-VIC0637-11x17 copy

Tower-Hill-Warrnambool-PAN0837-12x30 copy

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