N-PHOTO The UK Nikon Magazine November 2013 Issue

The latest Nikon Photo magazine published in the UK has a full page Image of mine of a shot I took there on my last visit. It’s an early morning photograph of the rising sun at Bradbury rings in Dorset. This area has the remains of an Ancient Iron Age fortifications with a forest growing  in the middle of it, very scenic and picturesque, especially in the late spring when all the wildflowers come out in full bloom.cover

lightbox ian rolfe

lightbox andrew m and ian rolfe

3 comments on “N-PHOTO The UK Nikon Magazine November 2013 Issue

  1. Diane.Bell says:

    WARNING:: He pops up everywhere, be afraid, be very afraid!!! 🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Tony Harding says:

    Ian You also get a mention on Page 65 of same edition November 13 N-Photo magazine !!

    Tony Harding

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