The Pinnacles at Phillip Island Victoria October 2014

Something I have wanted to do personally for quite a while and have never seemed to had the time to get down there, is a visit to the wonderful Pinnacles at Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island…at Dawn. I actually wanted to go in the winter months to avoid getting up so early… I arrived in the Surf Beach car-park in the pitch dark and worked my way onto the beach by torchlight….the tide was right out and the walk to the first set of steps is very easy. Along the top track towards the Pinnacles in darkness is an awesome walk, as hundreds of shearwaters run ahead like mad trying to stay ahead of you. you will almost trip over them as they bunch up and i cannot work out why they don’t just simply run to the side! Dawn broke as I was setting up and then I spend the next hour in total bliss, with the only company a seal pup drying himself on a nearby rock. As I only took wide angle lenses with me I didn’t shoot a close-up of the seemingly very tame pup. I will now want to go back a few times to this beautiful and serene spot and hopefully get some different skies.

Pinnacles-VIC0705-18x25 copy










2 comments on “The Pinnacles at Phillip Island Victoria October 2014

  1. Graeme Brown says:

    Don’t forget if you want to go back I am free

    • ianrolfephotography says:

      No Worries Graeme!
      thinking about doing a two day workshop down on the Island sometime!
      cheers Ian

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