San Remo Dawn Westernport Bay Victoria October 2014

Before daylight saving kicked in…whereby an extra extra early rise was avoided, I wanted to capture some dawn shots of the San Remo fishing fleet. I worked feverishly for 20 minutes just before dawn and as the sun pocked it’s head over the horizon and it was all over soon after. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could get a latte!






2 comments on “San Remo Dawn Westernport Bay Victoria October 2014

  1. Di Bell says:

    Ho hum…(yawn) more great pics….
    As for early rises I think that when daylight saving starts it gets lighter later so the “extra” hour of daylight is at the end of the day? Scallop pies at San Remo? I guess it was too early for their stupendous fish and chips?

  2. ianrolfephotography says:

    Hi Diana,
    yes I know that technically… but that one hours still mucks up your day for a while until your body gets used to it…. I hate daylight saving in October -November…it should be just for summertime only! I did have a scallop pie and a lovely hot Latte…there has to be some compensation for the hard work of taking photo’s!!

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